One part of our threefold strategy at Pennington Park is to help you belong because the Christian life was never meant to do alone. Christ not only saves us from sin, but he also saves us into a body of believers for the sake of edification and encouragement. That’s why we have Small Groups all over Hamilton County that are finding hope together. Groups are made up of men and women from all stages of life who meet at various times and locations to discuss God’s Word, pray for one another, and walk through the messiness of life together.

If you are interested in joining a Small Group, look out for our next Small Group Fair on a Sunday morning where you can meet Small Group Leaders and find the group that’s right for you.


Small Group leaders come in all shapes and sizes, but they all want to help people find hope together. If you are interested in leading a Small Group, we encourage you to complete a Small Group Leader Application and contact Joel Israel with any questions.