Matthew Reading Plan

We all need encouragement to read the Bible regularly. The nice thing about a reading plan is it provides a starting point. It takes out the question, “What should I read today?”

Here’s a 40 Day Reading Plan for the book of Matthew. Also included is a weekly memory verse, recommended resources on Matthew, and a framework for studying the Bible.

It begins on Monday, January 4 and goes through February 12.

Read Together
With this reading plan, we’re providing an online group to provide a place for encouragement, prayer, dialogue, and help with your study. We hope it provides some group accountability as you participate with other church members. Each day, someone will post a question, thought, prayer request, or a connection to help you process or go deeper in your study. But we encourage you to also post messages about what you’re learning in our study, what something means, how others are applying it, or prayer for living it out.