Daily Bible Reading and Devotional Resources for Families

by Heidi Sweet

A plethora of resources are available to walk alongside your children, teaching them Biblical truths from God’s Word.  But the best resource is always the Bible.  Children need to know that God’s Word is enough, complete for all of their life’s questions and direction.  At Pennington Park (PPC), we recommend the NIrV (New International Reader’s Version) or the CSB (Christian Standard Bible) versions for children.  If your child has been dedicated at PPC, you have an NIrV in your possession and CSB’s are available for free at our resource bookshelf in our church lobby.

There are a couple resources that I always suggest to parents who are looking for additional resources to help their children grow and learn more about the Bible.

1. Exploring the Bible: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids & Meeting with Jesus: A Daily Bible Reading Plan for Kids

These two resources, written by David Murray, are helpful for children to read passages of scripture that will help them see the overarching story of the whole     Bible.

2. The Ology

This book is a great book to understand foundational truths from God’s Word to understand Who God is and Whose we are. It includes overarching doctrinal truths, citing God’s Word throughout the book.

3. A Simple 3 Step Bible Reading Plan for Children

Joe Carter writes a helpful article showing how children can follow a plan to read large sections of the Bible and develop a life-long habit of wanting to read scripture.

4.  Pennington Park Bible Reading Plans

Stay connected with what reading plans our church is doing through our website, eNews, and church announcements.