Mays Recommended Resources

Resources can be a great blessing to help us mature in Christ. It’s one reason we have a Resources Page online, an Audio Resources Page, and a Children’s Resources Page, as well as a Resources Area in our church lobby where you can purchase recommended books for kids and adults. Each month, we’d like to promote a resource for children and a resource for adults. Below are our recommended resources for May.

May Book for Adults

The Wisdom Pyramid by Brett McCracken

The wealth of information and data available today has not lead to a wealth of wisdom and discernment. One of the challenges is we’ve flipped our “knowledge diet” and spend less time in the sources we should (such as books) and more time on unreliable and unhelpful sources (such as online and social media). Brett McCracken helps us anchor ourselves in wisdom despite the choppy waters of our “information age.”

May Book for Kids

The Tanglewoods’ Secret by Patricia St. John

Learning to overcome her temper and selfishness, Ruth finds a very important Shepherd who teaches her goodness and freedom from anger.  This story contains a sheep that proudly wanders away and finds herself on a cliff, only to be found by the Good Shepherd. Patricia St John is a wonderful writer of children’s fiction depicting characteristics of God through story.  Her other popular titles include Treasures of the Snow and The Rainbow Garden.