Trusting When I Can’t See Him Working

by: Dan and Brittany Hess

Members at Pennington Park Church

Over the years we have walked through several hardships in our lives. By God’s grace and faithfulness, those hardships have deepened our relationship with Christ. They have taught us to trust Him. We can’t always see what God is doing, or understand why He would allow such suffering in our lives, but we know nothing catches Him off guard. Sometimes all we see is the brokenness of a situation and we want to beg God to take it away. But when we stop fighting what we can’t change, and instead embrace the trial, asking God to lead us through it… everything changes. We surrender our desire to control and allow God to use our brokenness for his glory.

Our family is currently seeking permanent custody of our foster daughter. We have had her since she was 3 days old. She will be 2 years old soon. Due to covid, the past few months have been a lot of set backs for our foster daughter’s case. We are currently awaiting an important trial that will decide if we can adopt her. Though it’s been an emotionally stressful time for our family, it’s prompted some great faith based discussions with our kids. After explaining the most recent set back to our kids, our 10 year old quickly responded,
“It’s okay though, because God is always faithful no matter what”!
We’re so grateful that even in the chaos, God is working in our lives and the lives of our kids.
Though we won’t have answers for some time, we’re choosing to trust in God alone.  He has walked with us through other dark and uncertain times and we know He is always faithful and always good.