Lent Study Guide | Rebuilding & Resting


With our church reading plans, we try to pick books from both the Old and New Testament. We also look for books with themes or subject material that overlap with either the season we’re entering or something our church is studying. For Lent 2020, we picked Nehemiah as it focuses on a personal and corporate confession that seeks reform and renewal. Nehemiah not only connects to our current series and upcoming building transition, but its themes of pursuing God through His Word and setting aside the sins which get in the way also connect with major motifs of the Lenten season. The book of Hebrews is a great follow-up to Nehemiah. It focuses our eyes on Jesus, our Prophet, Priest, and King, the one who fully cleanses us and renews us from the inside-out. WhileHebrewsreminds life for the Church in a season of wilderness—another major theme during Lent—it also leads us to Good Friday and Easter with its clear focus on Christ’sredemptivework on our behalf.