IMPACT Campaign 2023

Our Opportunity

This building expansion will be a bridge of engagement between a lost world and the church, a buttress of truth for maturing followers of Jesus, and a base for maturing and sending out followers of Jesus into the world.

Generational Impact

This expansion project will help us leave a gospel legacy within our families for generations to come.

Expanded Reach

We desire to reach many unchurched and unengaged people moving into Fishers and Hamilton County as it is the fastest growing county in Indiana.

Equipping Our People

Within the expanded space and additional classrooms, we will be able to more effectively equip our people to live out the gospel as we further develop the local and global outreach ministries.

Our Plan

Our IMPACT initiative is a 3-year campaign beginning in 2023 to raise $5-5.5M above regular on-going giving to fund a building expansion project through the generous gifts of people at all levels.

Your Next Steps







Per a few preliminary meetings with the builders, the estimated cost is difficult to project when it is months away considering all of the variables that could change such as material costs, etc. Our desire is to avoid taking on any long-term additional debt.

The expansion project will take approximately 9-12 months to complete. However, to minimize taking on additional long-term debt, our desire is to have as much cash in hand as possible in order for the potential bridge loan from a bank to be as minimal as possible. This bridge loan will be paid off once all of the cash from the commitments have been given, Lord willing, by the end of 2025. Our desire is to have this expansion project completed by the fall of 2024.

Our current debt is just over $4 million. The reason we are recommending raising money for the expansion project rather than address the current debt is because of the more favorable interest rate we have on our current debt compared to the much higher rates if we took on additional long-term debt. In addition, our mission is to help people know Jesus and make Him known. With our continued growth rate, our desire is not turn anyone away from hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Word of God. We will continue to wisely steward the church’s finances by paying toward debt reduction as the Lord continues to bless our church. Once this project is completed, a formal debt retirement plan will be implemented to eliminate our current debt, Lord willing. More information on the formal plan for debt retirement can be provided upon request to

We have experienced the benefit of College Park Church planting us in 2015 and believe church planting is an effective way to mobilize God’s people and reach more with the gospel. While effective church planting demands a lot of prayer, research, planning, selecting the right leader(s), and launching a core group of healthy members with a clear vision, we are committed to spreading the gospel and making disciples through planting healthy churches. Thus, church planting will become a high priority once this building expansion project is complete.